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本文摘要:More than a few skeptical voices were raised in 1994 when BMW bought the failed assets of British Motor Corporation. BMW left the Brits mostly alone until 2000, disposing of Rover and Land Rover when that strategy failed.1994年,当宝马(BMW)从英国汽


More than a few skeptical voices were raised in 1994 when BMW bought the failed assets of British Motor Corporation. BMW left the Brits mostly alone until 2000, disposing of Rover and Land Rover when that strategy failed.1994年,当宝马(BMW)从英国汽车公司(British Motor Corporation)卖给罗孚集团(Rover)这块烫手山芋的时候,对这笔交易的批评声此起彼伏。此后6年,宝马基本上任由罗孚自行发展,直到2000年这个战略被证明是告终的,宝马才将罗孚集团合并,将罗孚和路虎(Land Rover)两个品牌转卖售出。

BMW decided to hang on to MINI and fix it.但是,宝马自由选择之后保留MINI这个品牌,并且让它重拾生机。Since 2000, BMW has infused a healthy dose of engineering and manufacturing in the brand, creating vehicles with the taut feel and performance that made Bimmers famous. The trick was doing so while preserving MINI’s distinctive English personality – no mean feat given the car’s deep connection to BMW labs and studios in Germany.自从2000年以来,宝马向MINI流经了大量工艺和生产技术,生产了一批格调与性能兼具的精品小车,使MINI品牌名声大噪。

要保有MINI独有的英伦范儿可决不是一件更容易的事,却是MINI与宝马在德国的实验室和设计室具有极深的联系。In early September, BMW celebrated its three-millionth MINI at the main factory in Oxford, U.K., and introduced its latest variant, a four-door hardtop (which it calls a “five door”) with a roomier rear seat. Given the sales numbers so far, BMW has increased its recognition for the ability to manage multiple brands efficiently and profitably.今年9月初,宝马隆重庆祝第300万辆MINI车在英国牛津工厂下线,并且发售了一款最新版的四门硬顶车型(宝马自家称之为其为“五门”),这款车型具有较为宽阔的后排空间。从目前的销量数字来看,宝马早已越发认识到有效地管理多个品牌并且多点盈利的重要性。

Of the three million, two million have been exported from England. Many Britons view with relief the decision finally to sell to BMW, following years of bailouts and subsidies for British automakers that weren’t competitive. MINI exports have been a major boost to the economy and a source of pride for the country.这300万辆车中有200万辆就是指英国出口的。由于当年英国政府频仍对没竞争力的本国汽车厂商展开救助和补贴,给经济带给了极大的压力,因而许多英国人对MINI最后卖给宝马都深感很难过。


MINI的出口给英国经济带给了强大的推动力,同时也出了英国的自豪。“The MINI is a British icon and is a major part of a thriving automotive industry spearheading the growing British economy,” said Baroness Susan Kramer, Minister of Transport. “This government is working to create the right environment for car manufacturers like BMW to continue innovating and developing British-made cars with worldwide appeal.”英国运输大臣苏珊o克雷默认为:“MINI是英国的一个符号,蒸蒸日上的汽车产业早已沦为推展英国经济大大快速增长的排头兵,而MINI正是其中一个十分最重要的部分。

本届政府正在希望为宝马等汽车厂商创立理想的环境,希望它们之后创意,研发具备全球吸引力的英国国产汽车。”Harald Kruger, board member for manufacturing, said BMW has invested ?1.75 billion pounds ($2.9 billion) in its British operations since 2000 and another ?750 million from 2012 through 2015. The German automaker also owns Rolls-Royce and assembles the luxury automobile in a plant located in Goodwood, England, most of the heavy and mechanical parts shipped there from the continent.宝马集团负责管理生产的董事哈拉德o克鲁格回应,自从2000年以来,宝马早已在英国投资了17.5亿英镑(折算29亿美金),并计划在2012到2015年间新增投资7.5亿英镑。另外宝马旗下豪车品牌劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的主要装配地正是在英国的古德伍德工厂,劳斯莱斯的大多数机械部件都就是指欧洲大陆运往那里展开装配的。


With worldwide MINI sales running at about 300,000 annually, the 175,000-unit capacity at Oxford has been supplemented by contract manufacturing in Austria by MSF Graz and in the Netherlands by VDL Nedcar.随着MINI的全球销量超过每年30万辆,牛津工厂每年17.5万辆的产量早已无法符合市场需求,其余部分不能总承包给奥地利MSF Graz公司和荷兰VDL Nedcar公司的工厂生产。Reviewers have been positive on the newest variant, giving the car credit for peppy acceleration and taut handling from its front-wheel-drive configuration. The back seat, while not overly spacious, is a vast improvement over the much smaller space in previous, two-door models.评测人士对这款近期的MINI车型的评价广泛较为正面,指出它的加快能力不俗,作为一款前驱轿车,操控性也令人满意。后排空间虽然不是尤其大,但是相比之前的两门版车型早已有了相当大的好转。Reviewers also noted that MINI costs considerably more than like-size competitors from Honda and Ford, starting at $22,300 for the basic version and rising in price to nearly $40,000 with all possible options and enhancements.评测人士还认为,MINI的售价要明显低于本田(Honda)和福特(Ford)等竞争对手的同级车型。

它的低于配上起价就超过22,300美元,覆以配上售价甚至低约将近4万美元。Writing for Car and Driver, Csaba Csere gave the new model high marks for “visual creativity,” noting that “this MINI is essentially a BMW under its skin.”《人车志》杂志(Car and Driver)撰稿人恰巴o西尔给这款新车型打了很高的“视觉创新”分数,认为“这款MINI骨子里是一台宝马。”In other words, a MINI buyer gets a lot of BMW technology and engineering without paying as much as a BMW costs. This multi-pronged approach to the automotive market has paid off handsomely, helping to deliver superior financial results. BMW’s shares have outpaced major industrial averages, not to mention competitive automakers.换句话说,MINI的车主取得了很多宝马的技术和工艺,但其售价不像宝马那样低。

这种多管齐下的战略获得了很好的效果,也为宝马公司带给了可观的财务业绩。宝马股价增幅多达了工业平均水平,更加不必托其它的汽车业竞争对手了。MINI may seem like a quirky little automotive fashion statement that makes people smile. It makes investors, not to mention BMW’s founding Quandt family, smile even more.MINI有可能看上去是个令人忍俊不禁的英伦时尚小憨豆,但它令其宝马的投资者们笑得更加快乐,更加不用说宝马的创始人匡特家族了。