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iPhone 5S评测 可能是迄今最好的智能手机

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本文摘要:Cards on the table, this is not going to be a forensic review of the iPhone 5S. Seven weeks ago it reached the hands of the public, and since then Apple has struggled to keep their latest flagship smartphone in stock. It’s hard to disagree


Cards on the table, this is not going to be a forensic review of the iPhone 5S. Seven weeks ago it reached the hands of the public, and since then Apple has struggled to keep their latest flagship smartphone in stock. It’s hard to disagree with those sort of sales numbers, and after spending two weeks with the iPhone 5S I haven’t found any reason to even try. The iPhone 5S is the best all-round smartphone on the market right now.打开天窗说亮话,这篇对iPhone 5S的评测不是为了引起争辩。七周前,这部设备抵达了大众手中,自那以后,苹果就仍然在希望保证这款近期旗舰智能手机的库存。很难对那些销售额数字驳回,而用于iPhone 5S两周之后,我甚至去找将近任何理由来这样做到。

iPhone 5S是目前市场上最差的多功能智能手机。Yes, that’s a statement that’s going to raise a lot of eyebrows (and I can imagine the comments are already being mentally composed). There is a lot of choice in the smartphone market right now, and there is no right answer to the question of ‘which is the best phone to buy.’ Every handset and every operating system is a collection of compromises, and the iPhone is compromised in a different way to an Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry handset.是的,这样说道一定会让很多人落下眉毛吧(我可以想象,许多评论正在筹划之中了)。现在市场上有许多智能手机型号可供选择,关于“哪一款是有一点出售的最佳手机”这个问题,没准确答案。每一部手执设备、每一个操作系统都是一系列让步和折衷的结果,而iPhone的让步折衷方式与安卓、Windows Phone或是黑莓手机有所不同。

The iPhone 5S puts much more focus on ease of use and simple choices than an Android handset such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Where Android opens up a world of choice in settings, layouts, launchers, and options, the iPhone 5S provides a standard platform for everyone using the handset.相比于三星Galaxy S4等安卓手执设备,iPhone 5S更为侧重于易用性和自由选择的非常简单性。安卓将整个设置、布局、启动器和选项的世界对外开放给用户,而iPhone 5S则为用于该设备的所有人获取了一个标准平台。

That reduces the appeal of the the iOS platform to the vocal power-users and hacker community who want a platform to play with, but it also makes the handset much more appealing to the general public. For many, smartphones are still complicated little beasts, which is where Apple’s whole ethos for the iPhone and iOS comes in to play. The iPhone 5S is designed for everyday use and to just work, not something that needs to be tweaked and maintained.这一特点减少了iOS平台对影响力较小的超级用户和那些想有一个平台“嬉戏”的黑客社区的吸引力,但却也使其对普罗大众的吸引力减少了。对许多人来说,智能手机仍然是无法驯服的小野兽,而这正是苹果iPhone和iOS背后整个核心理念发挥作用的地方。iPhone 5S是以日常用于和“够用就好”为目的而设计的,它不是某种必须花心思设置并加以确保的东西。

The iPhone 5S is unashamedly aimed at the mainstream user, and it achieves that goal with ease.iPhone 5S的目标受众直指主流用户,而它也精彩超过了这个目标。The focus of the application model used (go into an app, do something, move back to the launch screen, go into another app) is uncluttered, which makes it approachable and understandable. Without a home screen for icons and widgets, or external launchers, you know where to find everything, but this trade-off for minimalism does reduce the configurability that many Android fans enjoy.苹果所专心的应用于用于模式(转入一个应用于,做到点什么,返回启动屏幕,再行转入另一个应用于)整齐划一,令人感觉平易近人,也非常简单易懂。

主屏幕没图标或小插件或外部启动器,你也告诉怎么样去寻找必须的东西,但这种近于珍主义的负面就是增加了许多安卓粉丝讨厌的可配备性。The iPhone switches effortlessly between 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-fi data, keeping the bills down and the speed as high as possible. The mobile version of Safari is smooth and quick to render pages. I’ve not come across any issues in using it for my regular browsing.iPhone能在3G、4G LTE和Wi-fi数据模式之间精彩转换,使网际网路费用尽量较低,同时又顾及了网际网路速度。

Safari浏览器的移动版本简洁无比,关上页面十分迅速。在日常网页网页中,我未曾遇到过任何问题。Connecting to my computer remains one of the joys of the Apple system, if you are happy to buy into the iOS ecosystem. While there are various application suites and connectivity packages on other platforms, there is still no easier way to move a managed music collection from a desktop computer over to a smartphone than iTunes. There’s no need to worry about directory structures, location and copying files on your deskbound computer, or play around with DRM issues. iTunes just works, both for local and purchased media.将其和我的电脑相连仍然是苹果系统的众多体验之一,如果你乐意拒绝接受iOS生态系统的话。


iTunes自己不会搞定一切,无论是本地媒体还是你所出售的媒体文件。The iPhone 5S builds on the design of the iPhone 5, adding in the new 64-bit A7 processor, and introducing the M7 motion co-processor. Both of these are very much on the bleeding edge, with only a handful of applications set up to make use of them at the moment. Going forwards though, these two chips and their architecture are going to be keystones of the platform, which makes the 5S as future proof a smartphone as you could hope to buy.iPhone 5S基于iPhone 5打造出,减少了全新的64位A7处理器,并引入了M7动态协作处理器。


While the 5S is geared towards being a mainstream phone with appeal, it’s not perfect. Much of that is down to the software, specifically iOS 7. The reworking of Apple’s mobile operating system has been critiqued from some areas as reducing the functionality of the device, looking like a ‘My First Smartphone’ OS, and reducing the flexibility of the handset.尽管5S的设计意图是沦为享有吸引力的主流手机,但它不是极致的。不足之处主要在于其软件,尤其是iOS 7操作系统。

苹果移动操作系统的改动中,有些地方被大家诟病:增加了该设备的功能性,看上去像“我第一部智能手机”的操作系统,以及减少了这款手执设备的灵活性。I think a lot of the noise around the look of iOS 7 is more to do with the familiarity of iOS 6 rather than an appreciation of iOS 7. When things change, it’s rare for the existing user base to be anything other than vocal about a change. While I could point out the countless changes as a cosmetic level, the loss of highlighting on selectable text options, and the abundance of the white backgrounds and spindly text, this is the almost modernist look that Apple’s Jony Ive has chosen.我指出,环绕着iOS 7 外观的种种噪音更好地在于大众对iOS 6的熟知度,而不是与iOS 7的喜爱程度有关。

当事物发生变化时,现有用户群对某种变化回应抗议是常有的事。我需要认为美观层面上再次发生的无数变化,但没高亮表明的可选择文本选项,以及数量众多的白色背景和细长型文字——这几近是苹果的乔尼?艾维(Jony Ive)所自由选择的现代派外观。That’s not to say there are areas that should have been examined. The look of iOS 7, and therefore the look of the iPhone 5S is not quite consistent. Apple’s strength is keeping everything simple and easy to understand, and that requires a laser-like focus, so it’s just a shame that there are a number of areas that make me do a double take on the OS. Case in point the keyboard. For whatever reason, there are three different styles of keyboard that could show up – a modern dark style, a modern white style, and the old grey and black keyboard. There may be technical reasons why these are still available to first and third party developers, but it’s an area I would have expected Apple to be a lot more professional.这并不是在说道,有些地方苹果应当事前核查。iOS 7的外观和iPhone 5S的外观并不十分完全一致。


第一方及第三方开发人员仍然可取得这些自由选择,这当中也许有技术原因,但我原本希望苹果能在这上面更加专业一些的。I found the various options and locations in the Settings app to be a mixed bag as well. There’s a certain logic to grouping settings by function (such as notifications), but you also have individual apps names for other settings . Splitting these out over multiple locations means a lot of hunting for a specific option in an app, with the settings for alerts, retrieval, and updates in different locations.我找到,“设置”里的各种选项和方位原作也有些恐慌。按照功能(如通报)将设置选项分组的作法背后有一定的逻辑,但其他设置中也经常出现了每个应用于的名称。